Posted on: Aug 05 2015

15 Tinder Fails You’ll Probably Relate To


Head Writer

Oh, Tinder. That bastion of first impressions and superficiality. Whether you’re looking to date, hook-up and/or quench the overwhelming thirst welled up inside of you, the app exists to serve singles’ whims as they court one another with one line bios, Facebook photos and, well, not much else.

But let’s face it: Not many people log on to Tinder expecting to engage in deep, stimulating conversation and even fewer swipe left or right on the merit of a person’s interpersonal communication skills.

The result is a barrage of creepy come-ons, cheesy pick-up lines, and even the occasional dick pic.

At times, these exchanges can be abrasive, but they can also be hilarious – as evidenced by these 15 epic Tinder fails.


1. Yaaaaas.


2. “I mean, my dog…”


3. Awkward turtle.