Posted on: Jun 17 2017

These 17 Gross People Have Had Sex With Their Cousins



When it comes to sex, there are certain people you just don’t bang. There are evil people, like racists and Nazis that you shouldn’t f*ck. Another big no no? Family members.

That should go without saying, right? Wrong. Because, apparently, there are people out there that have consensual sex with family members. SERIOUSLY, THAT’S A THING.

Honestly, that sh*t is nasty. YOU HEAR THAT LANNISTERS?! N-A-S-T-Y. Not only is it gross, but in many places, it’s illegal. But thankfully, sex between family members isn’t common.

But the most common family members that do have sex? Cousins. You see, apparently, some people just don’t consider it gross, and are actually attracted to their cousins. Sure, back in the day, it was relatively more accepted. But we are in a modern age people, that that sh*t just ain’t cool anymore. So, like, STOP. PLEASE, STOP.

These 17 nasty people had sex with their cousins: