Posted on: Aug 29 2017

These 17 People Had Strange Encounters with Homeless People


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The homeless population has increasingly become a problem over the years. It’s a weird subject to be on the fence about since on side, we need to take away the stigma from homelessness and on the other side, it can be a major problem since those that are homeless mostly are put in dire situations and don’t choose to be homeless.

The last time I was in San Francisco, the homeless problem was obviously apparent since the city has one of the highest homeless populations in the states. There’s block after block from the Mission District to Hayes Valley of homeless people camps lining the streets. Being a single woman, it was even a little uncomfortable walking around during the day alone. I had a guy follow me a couple blocks because asking for change the whole way. I didn’t have any and wish I could have helped but was also looking out for my safety.

For the most part, these people need help and are harmless, though. There are situations that are rather awkward and unavoidable. Like the homeless guy that’s blatantly asking for money just so he can buy himself another beer. Or the weird guy waiting outside of the convenience store to ask you for a cigarette from the pack you just bought. Or the one that’s been eyeing you at the park wanting to start a conversation about existentialism. Those people you should probably avoid on a night out.

These 17 people had really strange encounters with homeless people:


Using the bathroom in Central Park, homeless dude in a stall yells as I walk in “Hey man, don’t call the cops okay? I’m just sticking pins up my nose.”


Homeless guy with one leg. Yelling. Dead pigeon in hand. “That’s right buddy! Keep walkin, keep f*cking walking, f*ck you buddy! Keep f*ckin walking!”


Walking through Peoples Park in Berkeley to get back to my car after dark (dumb idea) a crazy homeless guy appears from nowhere and jumps on the path in front of me and my friend “Hey you guys got any money!?” We tell him no and he disappears as quickly as he came. I say to my friend “Whoa, didn’t see that coming” and out of the dark drifts an ominous “Didn’t see it goin’ either.”


Subway station in Manhattan. About 2 am. Guy asks me for some money so he can buy something at the 24-hour McDonald’s that’s there. Instead, I offer to just buy him whatever he wants. He’s kinda annoyed at this, but agrees and we go to the McDonald’s booth together. He asks for a filet o’ fish sandwich, I pay, he gets it and goes off, only to come back to me a minute later, irate that I didn’t get him any tartar sauce. My suggestion that he just go ask for some only made him more mad and I’m pretty sure that he was about to try to beat tartar sauce out of me when a cop chases him off.