Posted on: Jun 14 2017

These 17 Women Experienced The Disturbing New ‘Stealthing’ Trend



When it comes to dating and relationships, sex is a big factor, and the way that sex goes down says a lot about the person you’re with. Does the person treat you like an object? Do they comply with your wants/needs/requests? These are majorly important when it comes to banging, because you want to be able to trust someone you’re being intimate with.

So when you emphasize that you will ONLY have sex with a condom, you expect your partner to comply. It’s important not only for your safety, but for your relationship. You don’t want to be with someone you can’t trust.

So imagine you’re having sex and come to realize that your POS of a partner took the condom off without your consent.. what do you do? You kick that mofo to the curb real quick. Seriously, don’t even hesitate or give it a second thought.

This is straight up the only logical reaction. Not only did that person expose you to STDs and pregnancy, but they lied to your face, and violated your trust. They aren’t the kind of person you want to build a future with, or for that matter, ever see again. Doing anything sexually without full consent is sexual assault, plain and simple.

The following 17 women had sex with shitty men that took the condom off without their consent. Although it’s horrible what these women had to go through, they thankfully shared their stories, so we can see that there are warning signs.

So if you’re dating someone that complains constantly about wearing condoms, and makes you feel guilty, time to run, ’cause chances are, they’ll sneak that thing off if they get the chance. And if they fidget with the condom and hide it from you, there is the possibility they’re taking it off. So be careful out there, ’cause some dudes suck.

These 17 women had sex with horrible men that snuck the condom off: