Posted on: Jul 04 2017

19 Hilarious Examples of Kids Using Google


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Nowadays, the internet is everything. We use it to wake up in the morning, for the daily weather forecast, for up to date news, and to gather information on subjects we don’t know about. Basically, the internet is LIFE. Since its conception in the late 90’s, we’ve only begun to incorporate it into our lives drastically.

The younger generation is especially in tune with the world wide web since it’s been more readily available to them than before. This overexposure to the internet has led parents to put on filters to block their kids from some pretty NSFW subject matter but children can get around those easily.

Even though kids can probably beat us at the internet game, they’re still essentially kids. Thus, their Google searches can still be awfully entertaining.  Curiosity killed the cat or just made parents LOL at their children, really. These next few examples show some damn funny examples of kids searches on Google.

19 Hilarious Examples of Kids Using Google


I once checked my little brother’s recent searches. They included “necked women” and “free legos”.


My 6 year old child had recently Googled “are mermaids evil?’


Had a friend catch his little brother google: Girl’s pinis Girl’s penes Girl’s peenes Girl’s penus


My 6 year old once searched: “Was Hitler real?”


My brother googled “brit spars nhaked” when he was probably 11. Pretty sure he wanted “Britney Spears naked”. He was and still is terrible at spelling.