Posted on: Aug 12 2017

19 Most Awful Things Parents Said to Their Kids



My grandmother once said to me, in front of my entire family: “I wish I could love you as much as I love all my other grandchildren”


I was at my friends house when I was little. I was in his room when he went to get something. I heard his argument with his mother downstairs: Mother: “You’re the reason we are in this debt, Go…. Go kill yourself!” My friend died at the age of 14 due to suicide with his father’s revolver.


My mother, once told me “remember my vagina has touched every inch of your body.”


Dated a girl in High School for a bit. Her parents loved me – unfortunately after a few months she decided I was a piece of sh*t. Whatever. The first time I went over to her house, her stepdad watched her go inside, then looked at me and said “yeah. Too bad she’s a butterface right?”