Posted on: May 11 2017

19 Times Butt Dialing Ruined Someone’s Life



Technology comes with many advantages. We can stream things to our TVs and we never need to use paper maps ever again (you older peeps know what I’m talking about).

But despite all the dope things that come with widespread technology, there are some negative things that it’s brought into our lives. Forget the fact that we spend half our time looking at a screen, but it can make our lives a living hell. Search history is the worst for teens trying to wank to porn with snoopy parents or adults with a nosy partner.

Another aspect that sucks? Butt dialing. Sure, maybe sometimes good comes from it, and you hear hilarious sh*t, but sometimes you get stuck listening to something you can’t unhear, or you butt dial someone at the worst time ever, and suffer the consequences.

These 19 people endured the most awkward butt dials ever: