Posted on: Apr 21 2017

19 Unhappily Married People Confess The Red Flags They Ignored



We all have flaws. The hope is that we’ll find someone we are compatible with that will love us despite those flaws. But there is a big difference between a slight personality flaw and a serious problem.

So what would you consider a flaw, and what would you consider a serious red flag? A flaw would be something like the person doesn’t like to clean, something that is probably considered annoying, but not a major sign that there is a serious issue at hand. A reg flag would be something like, this person cheated on their previous partners.

When it comes to forming a long term relationship, red flags should not be ignored, because ignoring a red flag will come back to bite you in the ass. Were there signs that someone has jealously issues? They probably only got worse. Was someone a cheater in the past? Chances are, they’ll cheat on you too.

The following 19 people made the mistake of ignoring red flags in a relationship, and paid for it in the end. They married these people, despite their reservations, and the relationship turned sour. So please, listen to your intuition and if you see a red flag, RUN!

These 19 unhappily married people confess the red flags they shouldn’t have ignored: