21 Bartenders That Are Definitely Winning At Their Jobs

In the wise words of founding father, Thomas Paine, “I like the bartender.. oooh if you’re lookin’ for me.” T-Pain, you really know your sh*t.

Bartenders are the glue that holds us all together. Without them, it would be a booze free-for-all, and peeps would be gettin’ their stomachs pumped left and right. When your friend is too wasted to help you out, your bartender has got your back.

So take a moment to think about that one bartender.. you know the one. The one that brilliantly cut you off and probably saved your life. The one that was a better wingman than your friends ever were. And don’t forget the one that gave you free drinks just to make you feel better.

So, please, when you find a god-like bartender, tip generously, and keep on going back for more. SHOW EM’ LOVE, AND NEVER LET THEM GO.

These 21 bartenders have proven themselves to be the best around: