Posted on: Sep 07 2017

These 21 Friendships Suffered Falling Out’s That Were Beyond Fixable


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Friendships are really important and it’s hard to find people that you really click with. When you do find your tribe, you have to try extra hard to stick with them, because friendships can be very fragile. No matter what time in your life that you’ve found a good friend, your relationship can be easily derailed, due to a variety of reasons.

Some times you grow apart and that’s just the name of the game called “growing up”. It’s a miracle if you’re still friends with friends from elementary school, middle school, or even high school. Some times, those friends that you thought would be around forever don’t fit into your lifestyle later on and you’ve got to realize that you’ve outgrown each other, which is totally fine.

But some times, friendships have an awful ending. You end up calling each other names that you never thought you would, start bringing up skeletons from the closet, and realize that you’d rather live without the nasty drama. Those types of friendships are the type that you can learn from and move on. Good riddance to that toxic relationship and walk the f*ckk out of their lives for good. Bye, Felicia!

These 21 friends suffered a falling out that wasn’t repairable:


I lost a good friend to religion. Now he’s a nutjob fanatic. I went to his halloween party as Satan and passed out free copies of The God Delusion, Origin of Species, and old high school Biology textbooks. That was my final, “f*ck you” fallout.


One friend of mine slept with my boyfriend (now ex) and I haven’t spoken to her since and really don’t plan on it.


I lost one of my closest friends simply because I didn’t have time to stay in touch or say hi during my first year of university. Somehow my friend assumed then that I no longer wished for us to remain friends, and started avoiding me. I in turn thought the same because of his avoiding me. A year later when we finally talked it out and figured it was a misunderstanding, it was too late.


We both liked the same guy. He liked both of us and wanted to date & sex both of us. She was okay with that. I wasn’t. It got awkward to be around them when he was so grabby with me, and she’d get upset over it, etc. So, I just pulled the fade. I’m fine now. Haven’t seen her in about 10 years, but that’s her choice. I wish her well, but don’t really care to resume any friendship with her.