Posted on: Aug 03 2017

21 People Share the Strangest Thing They’ve Researched for A Story


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Have you ever found yourself researching something totally obscure that kept you up for at least a couple hours? I love going down an internet rabbit hole after I’ve exhausted my mind on memes and Wikipedia to move on to the pregnancy cycle of different mammals and such.

Don’t judge me, we’ve all been there. There’s such an absurd amount of information out in the world, so we might as well research some f*cking strange things. If we don’t do it, who will? Regardless if the research is for a school paper, work, story, or just because of pure boredom, we find ourselves doing it. You’ve got to do the research in order to be able to properly use the info in your writing or recollection, duh (that’s basic MLA crap you should have remembered from high school, anyway).

So, go ahead and research the weird sh*t, that’s what the internet is for. Make sure to cite your sources, if it’s for a school paper or just bookmark that weirdo website you found that teaches you about Victorian era prostitution or whatever internet blackhole you’ve delved into.

These 21 people researched the weirdest things for a story:




I looked for information on bathing habits, toilets, and undergarments of medieval times. Three things I never thought I would have to research for the sake of accuracy in a piece of writing.


How women handle menstruation in nomadic tribes – a female character was on the run and had a few practical difficulties to be overcome living off the land.


The mental illnesses suffered by hat makers.