Posted on: Jun 27 2017

21 People Tragically Stumbled Upon A Dead Body



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

There are a lot of things out there that are traditionally terrifying. Sharks, STDs, dark secluded alley ways.. seriously there is a lot of sh*t out there you gotta watch out for. One thing that should make you cringe? Dead bodies.

Many of us will go our entire lives without ever having to see a dead person IRL. Most people that see a dead body, see it in the context of a funeral, or perhaps it comes with their profession, like if they work in the medical field. But then there are those average joes just going about their day, and happen upon a dead person.

Sometimes it’s a random person that you have never met. Other times, it’s someone you know and love, and you are the unlucky person that discovers their corpse. It’s something that should absolutely terrify you, because no one wants to lose someone they love, let alone see their lifeless body.

The following 21 people came across a dead body, and their lives will never be the same. Whether it’s heartbreaking because they knew the person, or just the shock of seeing a corpse, they will never be able to forget that moment.

These 21 people stumbled upon a dead body:



When I was 12 or so I was on a boat cruise with my parents on a river. We were going slowly through a city, and I pointed to a guy on the bank of the river and told my Mom that the guy looked dead. She explained he was just a drunk homeless guy. Well, on the return leg of the trip they were putting him in a body bag. I guess I was right.


Walked out onto our front lawn early one morning to find the dead body of one of our neighbors sons. He was about 21-22 at the time. Apparently he had either attempted suicide or simply overdosed and became confused and tried to get help. He fell in our front yard sometime in the middle of the night and died right there.


One year it snowed super heavily (for VA) and snow had been hiding everything. I was out with my sister and her friends and as we were driving by a Target store, we happened to notice a large flock of birds circling around the back. Jokingly my sister said “There is probably a dead body back there” and we all joked about it. One of my friends worked at the Target and I went to go visit him on his break later on in that day. He mentioned the fact that it was super nasty smelling out back. I told him my sisters joke, and then it clicked in his head that the smell was like a dead corpse (since he hunts and all). We went out to the back and sure enough there was a dead body hidden in the snow.


My cousin & her husband just had their first baby. After a long day/night at the hospital he went to the house to sleep. He doesn’t come back & is not answering the phone. My family lived down the street so my cousin asked us to check on him. I head off to go see whats going on. No answer at the door so I look in the window & see him sitting on the couch so I let myself in. His body is blue & his eyes are wide open & cloudy, I knew he was dead. Being 12 I freaked the fuck out. I called my dad hysterical & he came over. Turns out her husband had some undiagnosed heart defect. He had only gotten to spend a few hours with his newborn son.