Posted on: Mar 21 2017

21 People That Had The Worst Birthdays Imaginable



Perhaps we all put a little too much pressure on birthdays. We think that they’re supposed to be the best day of the year, and so we plan and plan so that that single day is ridiculously epic.

But then the unplanned happens: no one shows up, you get dumped, or you end up in the hospital. Suddenly, the day that is supposed to be so special becomes your worst nightmare.

We all remember our worst birthdays. Right now, maybe you consider your worst birthday the year you didn’t get the present you wanted or the year that you went out as per usual and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Well, these people are about to make you super thankful.

These 21 people had the worst birthdays imaginable. They lost a loved one or spent their day completely alone. Just hope that you never have a birthday as bad as these ones.

These 21 people had the worst birthdays imaginable: