Posted on: Feb 07 2017

These 21 People Had The Worst Sex Ever And They’ve Got The STDs To Prove It



Hopefully, by now, all you people know the importance of condoms and safe sex and all that jazz. Perhaps all that was instilled upon you back in the day when you got the good ole’ sex talk, or maybe you had to learn that lesson the hard way (LOL hard way.. get it? Like a penis).

Anyways, most of us still have had to endure the unfortunate and uncomfortable right of passage that is an STD. Sometimes the condom breaks and other times you are just drunk and irresponsible and you’re like, “condom schmondom”. Well, I bet after that first STD, you learned your lesson and now you always double bag that johnson.

So for those of you that aren’t being careful and are humping without a rubber, learn your lesson right here and now. Just take it from these people who were bare boning and now have to live with the consequences.

These 21 people got STDs and are forever unclean: