21 Sex Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

For the most part, sex is awesome. It’s either incredible or just okay, but rarely is it ever god awful and the worst thing you’ve ever experienced.

Well, there is going to be that one time (or more) in your life when the sex was so horrible, that thinking about it makes you cringe and you almost consider never having sex again.

Things can be going pretty smoothly and then take a serious turn for the worst. Cum goes somewhere it’s not supposed to or you break something while banging. Sure, maybe you’ll have sex again one day, but, for the moment, you are scarred for life and not thinking about banging any time soon.

So lets raise a glass for everyone out there that has had horrible, cringe-worthy sex. And pray that something like that never happens to you.

These 21 sex horror stories will make you never want to bang again (LOL probs not but they’ll scare you):