Posted on: Jun 04 2017

21 Wedding Planners Reveal The Most Agitating Bridezillas They’ve Dealt With


Ah, weddings — a time when family and friends gather to celebrate the love and union of two people that want to spend the rest of their lives together. A time when bread is broken, guests weep happy tears, and the bridezilla causes an absolute sh*tstorm for the poor, poor wedding planner.

Wedding planners have to deal with crazy people — it’s as simple as that. Oh, one out of a thousand flowers has wilted? Blame it on the wedding planner. Those napkins are slightly TOO blue? Blame it on the wedding planner. I’m a huge raging b*tch who thinks that everyone must comply with my every need and request? Blame is on the wedding planner.

For brides who can’t handle their sh*t, wedding planners have to step in, smile, and swallow their pride. Unless, of course, the bridezilla literally tries to kill them because they added a song to the wedding playlist that they didn’t like. Yikes.

These 21 wedding planners confess the craziest bridezilla horror stories of all time: