Posted on: Apr 27 2017

These 23 People Had Crazy Sex With Complete Strangers



Ever had a one night stand before? Sure, maybe it was someone you met online and decided to never see again, but that one night stand couldn’t actually be considered sex with a stranger.

You see, sex with a stranger requires you meeting them the night or day you bang them, and then never seeing them again. You’re in, you’re out, YOU’RE LIKE BYE. Sometimes you get a name, sometimes you don’t. But you never exchange info, ’cause you acknowledge the tryst for what it was: just sex.

Sex with a stranger can be a lot of fun. You have the chance to be whoever you want in the sack, and experiment a little, ’cause who really gives a flying f*ck! You’re never seeing that person again, who cares what they think of you?

So let your freak flag fly, and bang some rando in a train bathroom, a construction site, or even in a church (but the risks include STDs and burning in hell for all eternity). So put yourselves out there and buy a one way ticket to pound town!

These 23 people had crazy sex with random strangers: