Posted on: May 01 2017

These 23 People Share Their Experiences Banging “Starfish”



Sex is only enjoyable when both people are into it. Everyone involved should want to be there, and it should be voluntary (obvi) and hot as hell.

No one wants to bang someone that just lays there. People have even coined the term “starfish” to describe a person that just lays there during sex without moving. Corpse or dead fish would probably be a better term, but no one ever asked for my input (f u urban dictionary!).

I mean, if you enjoy not moving during sex, then that’s your decision. But chances are your partner is so not into it, ’cause it’ll make a person insecure. Are they not enjoying it? Why am I so exhausted? Is this even sex?

So time to put your starfish days to rest, and give your partner something to fantasize about when you’re not around. Learn from what these 23 people went through, ’cause they banged a starfish and hated every minute of it.

These 23 people share their experiences banging “starfish”: