Posted on: Aug 12 2017

23 People’s Experiences Show Why Concerts Suck



Bob F*cking Dylan. I was fairly young and it was the second concert I’d ever been to, so I was very excited. He refused to play anything even remotely well known, and basically sat there on the piano groaning all night. I thought he’d fallen asleep at one point, then his foot started twitching.


Worst was Guns N’ Roses. Axl asked for a light and a hundred lighters flew up onto the stage at him. Moments later someone threw a bottle at him, he threw it back and hit a different person. Axl said “f*ck you new york” or something equally classy and they all walked off. It was nearly a riot.


I went to a Too Short concert in my town once. I wasn’t expecting much, just something to do on a Friday night. I left when he answered his phone in the middle of a song.


I was at the infamous Pink Floyd concert in Montreal in 1977 – the one that inspired Roger Waters to write “The Wall.” The most unruly audience I’d ever seen. It was at the Olympic Stadium, and the standing crowd on the ground threw sparklers at the musicians. When one of those sparklers hit Waters’ acoustic guitar with an audible thunk, he stopped the song and went on a rant, eventually spitting on the audience. Security came in and sprayed the whole front row with fire extinguishers to move the crowd back. Not only that, but two speakers blew out, and one of the giant inflatable pigs deflated and floated down into the audience. The haze of pot smoke in the air was unbelievable. It was pretty wild.