Posted on: Oct 02 2017

23 Times People Regret “Doing the Right Thing”



I was at a small party with a girl once and through the night she got a little snuggly. Night continues and she drank too much, she got sick while I held her hair back and I got her onto a couch to sleep on with a blanket and everything. I slept on a different couch while several other people were on an air mattress on the floor in the same room. Next morning I walk her back to her dorm and say goodbye. Get back to my room and I have all these messages from a female friend talking about how disappointed they were in me. Turns out the girl had a boyfriend I didn’t know about and made up this story that I tried to rape her. I was eventually able to convince my friend I did nothing wrong but it was really shocking to see someone make up such serious complaints.


I accidentally walked out of my local deli without paying for my soda. So being the good person that I am, I went back in to pay for it. Two minutes later I come back out to find that my bike had been stolen.


One night I went out to a club with some friends. I’m black (as are the friends) and live in a pretty segregated area, and this club is in a white area. So, we park the car and are headed toward the door of the club when we heard this car screech to a stop. A guy hops out of the car, grabs this woman by the back of the neck and slams her into the car door. We head over to help a obvious woman in distress being beaten. The guy sees us coming, words get exchanged. A girl who was with us called 911 at the start. At that point we see the cop car light up his lights. Guy speeds off. The cop car chases him but another one pulls over by us. The girl has obvious bruises, but says that they came from us because we, for no reason, just jumped on her guy and she got hit while trying to pull us off. Guess who gets handcuffed and detained outside of this club for 45 minutes while things get sorted out and guess who gets to go home?


In 7th grade gave a choking girl the Heimlich maneuver, saved her life (no one else knew how), and I was suspended for 5 days for “sexual harassment”. Her parents tried to sue, but it went nowhere.