Posted on: Mar 29 2017

25 Disturbing Facts That Will Make You Question Everything


For many people, it’s easier to go about life doused in a veil of ignorance. They blissfully walk around, unencumbered by the many horrifying and disturbing facts of the world. Sounds pretty legit, right?

WRONG! Don’t you want to be that annoying know-it-all at a party that kills the vibe when you tell people about the horrific ways people used to experiment with frostbite and amputation on prisoners during World War II?! Or be the weirdo at work who starts up conversation at the water cooler by announcing that chimpanzees have spiked penises?

Sure, you might sound a little bit like a psychopath, but you will also be an informed citizen — because it’s super duper fun to walk around with the crippling anxiety that you could die of a brain aneurysm at any moment. Oh, and there are absolutely no symptoms. Yeesh! Knowledge is power — and it’s also really, really, really f*cked up sometimes.

You won’t be able to sleep at night after learning about these 25 horrifying and disturbing facts: