Posted on: Apr 03 2017

25 People Confess Their Single Biggest Regret In Life


Whether it’s a dying parent you never got to see or talk to before they passed, or the terrible way you treated a friend in high school — living life with regrets can eat you up inside.

There’s the always wondering what could have been or happened. There’s the harkening back to a dark past that will always have you second guessing your true desires and hopes for the future. Was it the one who got away? Do you blame yourself for your dad’s suicide because you ran out of the house that morning after he asked you to have breakfast with him?

You can’t turn back time, but you can come to terms with your past — even if that means opening up a book of moments and memories that make your heart ache. The aching may never go away for some, but you can take all of that wasted energy of anguish and despair and put it towards making a better present (and future) for yourself.

From relationships to college to time wasted, these 25 people reveal their biggest regrets in life: