Posted on: May 02 2017

25 People Confess The Strangest Thing That Has Ever Been Inside Their Body


Sticking weird things into your different bodily orifices seems to be a lot more common that one would think. And I’m not just talking about that sparkly 8 inch dildo you so delicately maneuver into your bum hole every night. Though, people do love to stick things up their butts.

Perhaps you were a curious, experimenting teen who took the toilet brush from mom and dad’s bathroom and used it as your own personal dong for the night. Or maybe you loved playing with Legos when you were a child, so you ate an entire battalion of Lego dragon slayers and pooped them out one by one. What a battle march that must have been.

It turns out, people are curious (and crazy) AF. We like to put things up our noses, butt holes, and vaginas like it’s going out of gahddamn style. I mean, the thrill of something entering your body cavity that isn’t naturally supposed to go there can make you feel like a sly superhero. Your power? Cutting up tiny pieces of your VHS collection and snorting the sh*t out of them when you were six. #truestory

These are 25 of the weirdest and WTF things that have ever been inside a human’s body: