Posted on: Jun 28 2017

27 Common Occurrences Everyone Can Relate To But No One Talks About


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There are some things in life that bring the entire world together — emotions like joy, love, anger, sadness, and hope. But there are also the little things that everyone can relate to, but we don’t necessarily talk about them. Shouts out to all my peeps who know the feeling of going to wipe your ass and your finger slips through. Are there worse things in humanity?

Maybe it’s the awkward dance of walking past someone and wondering if you should make eye contact or not. Or perhaps it’s the feeling of finally picking that humongous booger that’s been plaguing your entire existence for days. +10 points if it stays connected in your nose when you string out the snot with your finger.

So whether you’re drooling a bit on your pillow at night, or laying down with your hand stretched down your pants in a nonsexual manner — there are some common occurrences that bring life into our dull existences and connect the entire world with weird little mannerisms.

These are 27 of the most relatable things people do or have happen to them everyday:


Don’t know if anyone has this, but when I try to hold farts for too long, they end up just making a huge noise inside of my bowels. There’s no air or smell coming out, but the pressure is suddenly released with a big noise that actually makes it sound like I’m farting. I’ve never heard a similar noise from anyone around, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one it happens to.


Walking down the street, seeing someone walking toward you and trying to decide whether you should smile, look down, look to the side or look straight ahead, and wondering at what distance it becomes weird to make eye contact but also wanting to see what they’re doing with their face so you can try to poorly judge how you’re being judged.


Fake fights we have in our minds with friends and family members. We all have things that we’d like to say to them about things they do that annoy or piss us of, but we don’t want to start trouble or burn bridges so to speak.


That feeling of relief when you finally get that persistent booger out.


For everyone who has their bed in the corners. Getting that sheet on that far corner is the fucking devil. We’ve all been on top of the bed and hopped while trying to pull it closer to the corner.


Being somewhere that has terrible toilet paper and your finger accidentally slips through.