Posted on: Sep 22 2017

29 Cringeworthy Situations People Realized They Shouldn’t Be In


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Have you ever been in a situation that you thought was all good and fun until it wasn’t? Like, all of a sudden the next thought that came to mind was, “Holy sh*t, it’s best that I shouldn’t be here.” And now you’re panicking while trying to figure out how to save yourself from this cringeworthy situation.

We’ve all been there, don’t fret. Somehow, the universe loves putting me in the most awkward AF situations and someone, somewhere is laughing at my expense. I always run into the guy that I’ve been dating for a good bit, on the other side of coffee shop windows, kissing another woman. Cool yeah, thanks dude, really appreciate the heartbreak.

Just so you know, I still confronted the a**hole at the cashier while he was ordering drinks for said other woman. Bro didn’t even know that I was on the other side of the window. Awkward AF, right? And definitely cringeworthy. Come on universe, how am I alway put in these situations? Give me a break and let someone else have some fun, okay?

These 29 people realized that they shouldn’t be in these awkward AF situations:


Sobering up in a legit crack house sitting on a mattress watching The Wire with the locals while my friend banged a lady of the night in an unfurnished room upstairs, as a white middle class teenager.


During my divorce I briefly stayed in a pretty rough part of town, $200/mo for what used to be the shed of a hundred year old house, a largely black neighborhood (I’m white). One day I found a small dog wandering around, it was clean and everything but no collar so I’m going around knocking on some of the doors to see if anyone recognized the dog. I wander a little down a side street and come across a couple of black gentleman out in their yard. I asked if they recognized the dog. All they said was “You wanna turn around and go back the way you came.” I was like, “Yes sirs, have a good day.” I did reunite the dog with its owner.


In college I wanted to learn to dance and I heard dance class was a great way to meet women. I signed up for jazz dance and was one of 3 guys in a class of 30. The girls thanked me for coming and I was stoked. The teacher walked in, grabbed a guy for a little demo and did this amazing routine. Everyone nodded and paired up and I was quickly grabbed by a hot girl. It was apparent after a few seconds that I had no idea what I was doing. Worse, the teacher grabbed me for another demo and I made a fool of myself on top of stepping on her toes. It turns out I was in the advanced class, not the beginner. I never went back again


Sixth grade. When visiting sports teams came to our school the visiting females athletes would use the men’s locker room to change. I was at school late for cross country practice. After practice I realized I had forgotten something in my gym locker. I walked into the locker room, head down, and didn’t realize the locker room was full of half naked girls changing for some sporting event until I started to hear shrieks.