29 Shocking Confessions That People Thought Were A Joke

Have you ever heard something so shocking and so outrageous that you automatically assume it was a joke? Your reaction is to laugh, because you’re like LOL yeah right.

Well, sometimes the crazy shit people say turns out to be true and you’re just like WTF. It’s either unbelievable because it’s just so ridiculous or you’re like HOW CAN ONE PERSON BE SO STUPID?!?

And since you laugh, the situation becomes hella awkward. You either come off as rude AF or you’re the one that looks like the idiot. The whole situation is just a mess, and you’re like GET ME OUTTA HERE.

So if you laugh at a “joke” that turns out to be true, don’t worry about it, ’cause we’ve all been there. Just don’t laugh when someone says that a person is dead.. even if it turns out to be a joke, it still doesn’t warrant a chuckle.

These 29 people laughed at something that wasn’t really a joke: