Posted on: Mar 11 2017

29 Strangest Things People Have Done With Balls



Balls rule! They are precious commodities, and everyone should treat them like the sacred jewels that they are. Unfortunately, not all people do.

Some people do some weird ass sh*t to balls, either their own or other peoples. Sure, sometimes the weird things are attempts at soothing them after enduring some painful AF sh*t to their beans (like this kind of painful shit ). But even if it’s for the sake of comfort, putting maple syrup on your balls seems hella weird and uncomfortable.

But some of us out there don’t have balls, so who are we to judge? Okay, sorry, judging a little (wouldn’t do half these things to mah lady parts). But you know what internet YOU DO YOU. Just play safe, and treat yo boys right, ’cause you need them.

And as weird as some of these things are, some of them actually sound kind of nice. Like milk or hot water on your privates could be hella soothing. So when reading these 29 weird things, maybe don’t write all of them off right away.

These 29 did some unusual things to their balls: