Posted on: Mar 02 2017

These 35 Drunk People Made The Most Shocking Confessions



We’ve all gotten drunk before and said something we later regretted. You either confront someone about something you’ve be holding back, say something that you know is offensive, or confess a story that you would never soberly confess.

But if you’ve been on the receiving end of a drunk confession, you know how utterly shocking it can be. You discover an embarrassing fact about your friend, or hear a troubling story from their past that is absolutely devastating. It’s your job, as a good friend, to keep that sh*t sealed and not tell a soul.

And if you’ve made a drunk confession, hopefully the people you confessed your tale to are good at keeping secrets, because these 35 people are not. Their drunk friends confessed shocking, and sometimes heartbreaking, tales and then shared them with the internet.

So if you’re drunk and just can’t help telling your story, please be like THIS IS OFF THE RECORD. Or maybe something else, like “spill and you’re dead.”

**some of the following confessions are deeply troubling and incredibly devastating**

These 35 people heard the most shocking confessions from their drunk friends: