Posted on: Nov 06 2017

35 Hilarious Instances of Pet Shaming



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

As cute as pets are, they all have their bad moments. Your cat climbs on a shelf and knocks something over, or your dog pees on your brand new carpet. It sucks, but it happens. What do you expect from an animal?

But sometimes scolding them just isn’t satisfying, and you want what all humans want: revenge. But how do you get revenge on something so adorable? You can’t be evil and not feed them or make them eat poop. So what do you do? You shame them for what they did wrong. And what better way to shame your pet than to take a photo of them with a sign that says their crime, and THEN post it on the internet. Smells like sweet sweet success to me.

So that’s exactly what these 35 pet owners did. They got back at their badly-behaved pet by making them stand near a sign that explains why they’re in trouble, and luckily us bystanders get to reap the benefits. And sure, that may sound a little sad to you, but it’s nothing short of brilliant and hilarious. So enjoy the following photos of cute AF animals looking hella guilty.

These 35 pet owners hilarious shamed their bad pets: