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    These Are The Most Insanely Expensive Things You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

    Most of us use Amazon as our one-stop shop for home good essentials, clothing, electronics, and literally anything else we might need. However, the online retail giant also offers an array of products that are priced far above our pay grade. I mean, I guess the millionaires of the world have to shop somewhere right? […] More

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    13 Of The Most Outlandish Clothes You Can Actually Buy Right Now

    The world of fashion is constantly changing. What was in last week is totally out this week. Even the most high-end, in-the-know fashionistas are always working hard to stay ahead of the next trend. That being said, I am by no means an expert on the most stylish outfits from this year’s runway, but I […] More

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    13 Of The Most Bizarre Things You Can Actually Buy On Amazon

    Amazon is known for offering a wide variety of products. No matter what you’re shopping for, Amazon has it and they can usually get it to you in a matter of hours. This isn’t news to anyone who’s ever shopped online. However, being the largest internet retailer, Amazon also houses several rather disturbing objects. These […] More