Posted on: Nov 30 2017

Dogs Watching Dogs on TV, You’re Welcome



Image via Gfycat
Image via Gfycat

UGHHHHH aren’t dogs the cutest?!?! Seriously, everything they do is adorable. Even when they sniff each others butts and poop, I’m like “awww!”

Another cute thing they do? Watch TV! Puppers will walk on up to the TV and chill with their owner, admiring the flashing images. But of course their favorite images include their peeps. They see other dog-os and are like “DUDE, what r u doing in thur?!”

So if they love watching other pups in action, you know their favorite shows are the Puppy Bowl, national dog shows, and movies like Homeward Bound and Bolt. I must say, these fur babies have hella good taste in tv shows and movies.

Unfortunately I’ve actually never encountered a TV watching dog IRL, but based on these pictures, I can say it’s pretty damn adorable. Is it weird that I’m going to add this to my bucket list? Yes? WHATEVER, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK INTERNET STRANGER. Does your doggy watch TV? PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

These images of dogs watching dogs on TV will melt your heart: