The Dumbest Questions People Asked The Internet

Image via theBERRY
Image via theBERRY

Ahhh, the internet. The source of the best and worst things in the world. So internet, what do you have for us today? Something good? Bad? All of the above?

Today the internet has graced me with a true gift. I found some of the dumbest questions that have been asked on sites such as Yahoo! Answers, etc. Truthfully, I should be ashamed that people like this exist, but I am only filled with pure glee, because these questions are just hilarious.

I know I should be concerned that these people are walking the earth, possibly ruining lives, but that just isn’t where I’m at. So instead of focusing in the fact that these people can vote and operate vehicles, let’s focus on how blessed we are not to be like them, and how freaking hilarious these questions truly are.

These people asked the internet the dumbest questions: