Posted on: Jan 17 2017

29 Frat Parties That Got Way Too Out Of Control


Pledge. Drink. F*ck. Drink. Party. Chug. F*ck. Drink. Make a fool of yourself. Repeat.

There are plenty of preconceived ideas of what fraternities are really like. Do they house horny cavemen with raging alcohol problems? Not always, but let’s be real — a lot do. You go to a frat house as a naive college freshman. You stumble around looking for a Keystone light, dubstep blasting in the party basement, your feet sticking to the beer coated floors as you maneuver through the crowded house. Some dude named Chad who’s wearing a neon tank top asks you to come upstairs to check out his frat paddle – i.e. d*ck. Um, no thanks. Also, please don’t roofie my drink.

Going to frat parties is a milestone in any drunk college kid’s life. What you choose to do while at a frat party is a whole other can of worms… or can of really sh*tty beer. Maybe you accidentally pissed on every brother’s bed, or maybe you did nine beer bongs, took your pants off and passed out on the roof. Either way, frat parties have a reputation for unparalleled raucous debauchery.

These hilarious texts prove just how crazy, drunk, and rowdy fraternities can get: