Posted on: Nov 30 2017

Guys Reveal Their #1 Sex Tip For Girls To Be Awesome In Bed



Remember that the pleasure nerve endings are in the head of the penis. Make sure in your stroke that you’re hitting the mushroom. And the best hand jobs are with your mouth. Unless your partner hasn’t showered recently, try to stick with the blowjobs.


Don’t worry about how you look, be proud of how you look and show it off, that’ll make you even hotter. I’m shoving a hard dick into you, do you really think I’d do that if I wasn’t pleased with what I see?


When giving a blowjob, and you sense that he’s really liking it, keep going with that method. If you decide to switch it up it can bring him back to the beginning.


If you’re gonna do the leg wrap, do it around the stomach, not the hips. That can create resistance and make him tired. (think of running in sand).


If you’re doing missionary and you’re hands are free, shoulder massages and head scratches.


Don’t be afraid to play with yourself if you want. Its not going to bother us. And the level of comfort is kind of hot.