Posted on: Aug 13 2015

If Superheroes Could Text, Their Conversations Would Look Like This


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Superheroes—they’re just like us! They, too, wear cute tights, fret over their personal brands, drink too much Captain Morgan and, apparently, take d*ck pics.

And, just like you and me, cartoon vigilantes use text messages to communicate with friends and foes. How else are they supposed to plot to overthrow villains and/or trash talk their sworn enemies? Thanks to, a site devoted to bringing Batman, Superman, Iron Man, et. al. to digital life, we can now peep those imagined conversations and chuckle at the absurdity of Captain America’s predilection for outdated rock music or Batman’s plans for Easter.

Here’s hoping superhero subtweets become a thing as well. Can’t you just picture @TheJoker passive-aggressively tweeting @BruceWayne?

Here are 16 convos your favorite heroes would definitely have if they could text.




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