Posted on: Jun 25 2017

19 Parents Who Had The Best Reactions When Catching Their Kids Being “Bad”



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

All kids are bound to masturbate and experiment with drugs and alcohol. It’s pretty much inevitable. Although to most of us these things are NBD, a lot of parents freak out when catching their kids do sh*t like this.

It’s not really the parents fault, they’re just programmed to be protective and concerned. They prefer to imagine that you’d never touch drugs, or yourself.

But some parents just DGAF. Like, they could walk in on you beating your meat or smoking a joint, and just walk away laughing. Those are the kinds of parents that we only dream of, and aspire to me.

The following 19 parents had the best reactions to their child’s “bad” behavior. They laughed, they winked, heck, sometimes they even joined in. Dear god, I hope to be like these parents one day.

These 19 parents responded epically to awkward situations:


When I was 12 or so I had a floppy disk with a few pictures on it my dad found. He used Paint to put his face on all of the girls and posted the story to his website. Even at the time I thought it was hilarious.


God of War had just come out & there were naked ladies in it. I was young & horny. I was beating off to these video game gals & my parents both barge in. I get my dick back in my pants, throw some covers over my lap & manage to shut the TV off, all in mere moments. My parents looked concerned. I understand. I was sweaty, my face flush with blood & I can’t imagine the look I had on my face. My mom starts in asking if I feel sick. My dad, however, has the beginnings of a huge fucking grin spreading across his face. Next thing I know, he has the covers & he is yanking & laughing. I am losing my shit. Holding on for dear life, pleading with my eyes to just stop. My mother finally made him & they let me be. But damn, they knew.


My brother told me of a story that he was caught by the sound of it. Father had told him to “Do it slowly. I don’t want to have to take you to the hospital.” Turns out he was going at it so fast that the tapping sounds, and furious breaths he tried to keep low were very, very loud one day. Always wondered why he looked like he ran many miles in the span of 10 minutes.


My mom walked into the room the other day and said “I may be drunk, but the house fucking smells like weed.”