Posted on: Nov 10 2016

21 People Reveal The Things They Didn’t Know About Their Partners Until After They Got Married


Head Writer

They say that love is blind.

Or at least, they used to – does the cliche still apply in a post-Tinder age, when looks are often the first, if not only, criteria used for screening potential mates?

…Um, yea. Because even if we don’t choose blindly, we’re apt to overlook some pretty big stuff when it comes to our partners. You know, annoying habits… gaps in personal history… second families. The basics, and the not-so-basics. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. 

But add it all together, and you can start to wonder, do we even know the people we share our lives with? And does it even matter if you’re in love already anyway?

Maybe. Maybe not. You never know until you find out, which is exactly what happened to these Redditors. They thought they knew everything about their partners when they got hitched – but it turns out, they were very, very wrong. 

Their secrets ranged from the inconsequential to the downright hilarious… with a few nasty shocks in between.

Here are 21 people who didn’t learn big things about their spouses until after marriage.