Posted on: Dec 26 2016

These 19 Evil Parents Tricked Their Kids Into Believing in Santa



Ahhh, childhood. Don’t you miss it? Back when you didn’t have to pay bills, worry about STDs, and Christmas meant that a dope AF non-pedophilic fat man would come into your house and bring you presents. We were living the dream guys, and we didn’t even know it!

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is still dope. It still comes with those warm fuzzy feelings brought on by cookies, holiday music, and watching classic Christmas movies. And the presents.. don’t forget the presents.

But it’s nice to reminisce and think back to those good ole days when your parents would lie to you to get you to believe in the magic of Christmas. You lived in bliss thinking that some magical dude landed on your roof with a bunch of deer and you weren’t even pissed that he ate all your cookies.

Looking back, it is clear that it really doesn’t take much to get a kid to believe in Santa. But sometimes, parents take manipulation to a whole other level. They probably enjoy lying to their kids about Christmas. Heck, I know I will.

These 19 parents pulled out all the stops and tricked their kids into believing in Santa by any means necessary: