Posted on: Aug 11 2017

These 21 People Knew Crazy Murderers Before They Killed



I worked at a restaurant and this guy was my manager. He was an ex-marine. He was over-the-top, type A personality. He would give us beer while working, and generally not follow any rules. Actually a pretty fun person, and saved my ass a couple times. I even hooked up with him once (cringe). Found out later he kidnapped a woman, killed her, and left her body in the mountains. I don’t really think much about it, scary to know someone I considered a friend could do something like that. When it happened he had a girlfriend with a baby and I heard she turned him in.


I knew a guy when I was in jail who was there for murder. My cell mate was there for attempted murder. And we had a kiosk where you could type in your inmate number to order things off canteen, view your charges, view your next court dates, etc. He and I were at the kiosk and he viewed his charges and the attempted murder charge turned to murder. Than the man he tried to kill ended up dying in the hospital. I looked at him and he just looked at the screen for a couple moments. No emotion, just a cold blank stare. It was like I was looking at him looking over the dead body and realizing he was going to prison for the rest of his life. And he had no emotion towards any of it. He just logged out and said I could log on and walked back to our cell.


I was in the same battalion as Robert Bales, and talked to him all the time during my first deployment and his second. He murdered 16 Afghanis several years ago, and I certainly wouldn’t have expected him to do that when I had known him.


I once went on a blind date which my mates set up with Tracey Andrews. I thought she was “odd” so didn’t arrange to see her again. 2 years later she murdered her fiancé, Lee Raymond Dean Harvey.