Posted on: Mar 08 2017

These 23 Ladies Unintentionally Flashed Their Junk To The World


Ladies — we’ve all been there. You forget that you’re wearing a skirt so you nonchalantly bend down to plug in your phone charger at work, not realizing that your bare a** is out there for every person to see. But hey, sh*t happens, and you can’t dwell on the fact that creepy Chad from HR has now seen your badunkadunk.

Wind (or every dress-wearing human’s worst nightmare) can be quite the ruthless b*tch. Oh, were you just strolling along on a beautiful spring day in your adorable new sundress not having a care in the world? Well, hold on, sister, because a gust of air is about to topple your sense of joy and expose you for who you really are — a granny panty wearing woman with a tattoo of your ex-boyfriend’s name on the left side of your butt cheek.

So the next time you reach for that flowy mini skirt, just think twice before getting on a motorcycle, or walking down the street in a gusty cold front, or twerking your booty away after those six vodka sodas — because there’s about to be a new hit show starring “Your Junk.” #whoops

These 23 ladies recount the utterly embarrassing times they’ve accidentally flashed the world: