Posted on: Jun 05 2017

These 25 Parents Are Hiding Shocking Secrets From Their Kids


As kids, we always thought our parents could do no wrong. We looked to them for guidance, love, and an understanding that they’d tell us the truth. But oh how wrong we were.

Some parents shield their kids from their former lives with such meticulous deception, they might even start believing their lies themselves. Little Jimmy may never know that daddy met mommy when she was a stripper. And little Suzy will never find out that her dad killed a man before he became a father. Well, that is if Aunt Cathy can keep her gahd-damn mouth shut at Christmas!

So love your parents dearly, call them, and make sure they know you appreciate them. And the next time you’re digging through their old skeletons in the closet, just remember to take everything with a grain (or five) of salt because you know never know if your parents are lying to you about the milkman who always looked eerily like you.

These 25 parents are hiding some of the most insane secrets from their kids: