Posted on: Nov 18 2016

These Adorable Pups Are WAY More Relatable Than Instagram’s Human Celebs


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The classic Saturday morning 'Ain't nothin getting us out of this bed unless you have bacon' smiles. #everysaturday #divas #darrenandphillip

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There are more four-legged stars on Instagram than you can shake a stick at (or, rather, throw a stick for).

But in a sea of slobbery mugs, few stand out like this dynamic duo – partly because they’re so darn cute, but also because they totally remind us of ourselves. (The versions of ourselves we’d like to be, anyway). 

Sure, they may be little and furry, but all they seem to do all day is eat snacks and snuggle in their PJs. They’re literally living the dream.

I mean, if you could scarf down ice cream and hide out in a blanket fort all day, you would – wouldn’t you?

Here are 29 times The Blue Boys were way more relatable than all the ‘models’ on Instagram. 

1. When you say you just want one bite, but you’re secretly plotting to devour the whole cone.

I've got about .2 of a second window of opportunity before my ice cream gets side swiped and inhaled by Philly. Better make it count ????????

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2. When absolutely NOTHING is getting you out of your PJs today.

When ever my Mum asks when I'm having kids I just send her something like this. Usually straightens things out ???????? #kidswhat

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3. When you’re thirsty AF.

Hath I got thomething on my thace?

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