Posted on: Nov 30 2017

These Women Trolling Creepy Dudes On Dating Apps Is Pure Fire


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Oh, to be single and mingling in a technological dating era dominated by Tinder and other douche-minded apps. Maybe you’ve downloaded an online dating app because you’re recently single and want to bust out some one night stands on the scene. Or maybe you’ve started swiping on a whim to gauge the dating pool outside of your normal circle. Either way, being a woman on apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and literally every other app for that matter, makes you susceptible to some seriously annoying and degraded pick up lines, as well as rampant and unexcusable sexual harassment.

Some women ignore the unwanted advances and endless slides into DMs because, frankly, they have more important sh*t to do than respond to every douchebag that wants to stick their D in their V. But other women have had it up to HERE with these Tinder trolls and take it upon themselves to serve up some serious clap backs.

With the current administration’s destructive attacks on reproductive health, the #metoo movement, and our overall fed up attitudes of degradation — more women than ever are being the change they want to see in the world. And why not start in your dating profile’s message inbox?! I mean, if I have one more dude ask me what the difference between jelly and jam is, I’m going to f*cking ram their own d*ck down their motherf*cking throat. Shouts out to all my ladies who have ever shut a dude down and roasted an unsuspecting creep with a little taste of their own trash medicine!

These ladies responded to creepy dudes on Tinder in the most epic ways: