Posted on: May 03 2017

You Will Not Believe The 27 Dumb Things These College Students Said


Ah, college. A place to put on your thinking cap, flap your education wings, and let all of your ignorance float away into a sea of broken dreams and sh*tty reality TV. You’d think that all students partaking in a higher education would have to meet a certain caliber of book AND street smarts, but alas, we live in America — home of the dumb and the brave.

Maybe you were in an upper division biology course when you heard a dude ask how fish could breathe under water if they didn’t have lungs. Or perhaps you rolled your eyes at the girl who swore that there were two kinds of turkeys (one for white meat and one for dark meat, duh).

Whatever the case may be — just because a person was able to get into college, does not mean that they are incapable of committing horrifically offensive crimes of stupidity. Let’s just hope (for the future of America’s sake) that these dunces learn from their mistakes and hit the books.

These 27 college students said some of the most unimaginably stupid things ever: