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    30 Pregnant Ladies Who Are Halloween Goals AF

    To any pregnant ladies out there who actually put in the time and effort to create a Halloween costume— I salute you. Seeing as I’m the type of person who is startled every year of my existence that it’s already Halloween, I generally throw together something lickety-split and this is how I’ve end up a cat for […] More

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    21 Unbearably Cute Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

    Every year, I’ve found that dressing my dog up for Halloween is infinitely more entertaining than finding a costume for myself. Dogs look adorable in pretty much everything—except maybe those terrifying spider costumes that are way too realistic. Since our favorite spooky holiday is only a few weeks away, we’ve rounded up some of the […] More

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    22 Incredibly Useful Products That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

    It’s no secret that life is full of little annoyances that can add up to one overwhelmingly unnecessary headache. From messy unorganized drawers that make it impossible to find the one thing you need to burning yourself on the straightener again because there’s not enough room in the bathroom, and don’t even get me started on […] More

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    20 Hilarious Tweets About Shopping At Costco You Can Laugh At In Bulk

    The first time you walk into a Costco is a magical experience. Everything is huge and out there – the bare essence of product, available for you to purchase so, so, SO much of. It’s basically heaven on earth, until you find you’ve spent two hundred dollars. Although you probs got $500 worth of stuff, […] More

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    20+ Texts That Are Actually Worth Posting A Screen Shot Of

    Posting a screen shot of a conversation you have with your best friend on Instagram is fun, but most people will have no idea what you’re talking about. Inside jokes don’t go over well! I’m sorry, but it’s true. No one cares that you and your bestie call pizza ‘za.’ They scroll on by and […] More

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    30 Tweets About Baby Boomers That’ll Make All Millennials Say, ‘PREACH!’

    Millennials get blamed for everything. For being too poor, too entitled, too uninterested in dying industries and nasty restaurants. For not wanting kids, for not being able to afford health insurance. For ruining just about everything the boomers hold sacred. But rarely does the generation so quick to point the finger of shame and blame […] More

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    All Of The Best Things To Buy On Amazon When You’re Drunk

    If I had a dollar for every shameful, embarrassing thing I’ve ever done while drunk I’d never have to work again. Most people could probably say the same. That being said, as far as drunken regrets go shopping under the influence is pretty low on the list. In fact, some drunk purchases end up being […] More

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    20+ Hysterical Tweets From Twitter’s Funniest Celebrity Dads

    We all go to Twitter for different reasons. Some go to hit their heads against the poisonous political red tide (that’s a metaphor about a type of algae, not a political position) of modern day America, blacking their eyes on the idiocy of our political system’s slow meltdown into a heap of radioactive slag. Other […] More

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    This Is How You Can Make Your Very Own Memoji

    With the release of a handful of new iPhones just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before Apple showcased its latest iOS software. iOS 12 offers an array of new features for iPhone users including a nifty “screen time” feature that tells you how much time you really spend staring at […] More

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    30 Dumbass Puns You’ll Hate Yourself For Laughing At

    Sure, The Pun results in tired moans and groans, but its appeal is nonetheless undeniable. Everybody loves some good wordplay! (Actually, not true—According to John Pollack, author of The Pun Also Rises, those who dislike puns are threatened by “arbitrariness of meaning” and “tend to be people who seek a level of control that doesn’t exist.”) […] More

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