Guys Gets A Wrong Number Text That Turns Into The Cheating Drama Of The Year

When people find out their significant other is cheating on them, for some reason, their first instinct is to get angry and lash out at the “other woman/man” instead of their partner.
In all honesty, if your significant other cheats on you, it is probably best that you take matters up with them rather than someone who may be a complete stranger to you. Chances are, they may not have even known that your partner was in a relationship. Unless of course, they cheat with someone who you know–that’s a whole other story. Regardless, when your partner cheats on you, they’re making a decision to throw away your entire relationship essentially–and that’s their fault. However, if you do decide to reach out to the side piece, you better make sure that you have the right number, because if not…

Twitter user Jackson Strick was out for the night having a few drinks with some friends when he received a pretty angry text message from a random number–looking for someone who was clearly not him.


I’m also curious how “eat you out” is autocorrect for “kick your ass.” Also–there’s a major plot twist to this wrong number saga…


That’s right–cousins. Apparently, these people are down with the whole “we’re second cousins,” kind of excuse.


And, just for being a Sour Sally, Jackson made sure to put some good JuJu into the universe.


Turns out, Jackson’s night didn’t end there.

How the f**k does this even happen to people? I’m baffled.  So is Twitter.

Thanks for the laughs, and the *shocked faces* Twitter.