Posted on: Nov 04 2016

15 People From Your Favorite Dating Shows That No One Would EVER Actually Date

Image via All Womens Talk
Image via All Womens Talk

Dying alone isn’t exactly an appealing prospect for most of us.

But when you look at some of the duds on reality tv dating shows, you start to wonder… is being discovered alone, naked, dead on the kitchen floor, half eaten by seven cats really the worst thing?

Because hey, you might be lonely. But at least you’re not looking for love on a reality show. And that means – not only are your odds of getting dumped on camera pretty slim – the odds you’ll have to date one of these crazies are even slimmer. I call that a win.

From the fake tans to secret relationships, killer right hooks to – gasp – twins!  These reality contestants bring a lot to the table… but romance is not one of those things.

Here are the 15 most undatable people from all your favorite reality shows.

1. Pumpkin from Flavor of Love

You’ll just have to watch and see it for yourself.


2. Haley & Emily Ferguson from The Bachelor

Their occupation is “Twin.” … Seriously?


3. Ashley “A-Bomb” Klarich from Rock of Love

Ashley came on the show still feelin’ her ex.