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    These 23 People Had The Most Insane Spring Breaks Ever

    A dude wearing a bright neon tank top yells through a shotgunned beer he just annihilated and smashes it on his face. Drunk girls in the itty-bittiest bikinis flail around to a dubstep remix of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” while grinding on a bro wearing a visor. A couple of sunburned kids from Arizona State touch […] More

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    19 Reactions To Weiners Going In The “Wrong” Hole

    We’ve all been there. You’re hard-core gettin’ your  bang on and that ish gets wet n’ wild. Then, suddenly, that D slips into that B and you’re just like “WRONG HOLE”. Sure, on the reg, that blessed B isn’t “wrong” (if the booty is wrong, I don’t wanna be right). But when your goal is […] More

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    These 29 People Made Graduation Way Too Eventful

    College graduation is the last step of adolescence, right before heading out into the real world. You fill out the graduation application, figure out what to wear underneath your cap and gown, and reassure your parents that you’ll make it to the celebratory dinner. But if you do it right, graduation night will be a […] More

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    21 People Got Exactly What They Wanted for Their Birthday

    Ah, another year around the sun. Birthday celebrations are all about you, a whole 24 hours dedicated to when you graced the world with your presence. Friends, family, and complete strangers must now submit to showering you with all the compliments, presents, booze, and most importantly, all the partying that you can handle. When it’s […] More

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    These 27 People Are Winning at Summer

    Countdown until finals are over. Countdown until that spring internship is done. Countdown until all the paper work is filed at your boring desk job. Countdown until you can get away from your parents, siblings, and annoying coworkers. Countdown until the best time of year: summer f*cking break. Summer: the magical time of year over […] More

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    17 People Who Hit The Relationship Jackpot

    So, single life is really awesome, let’s get that out of the way. A night out usually consists of getting drunk AF, partying with all your friends, and never having to worry about another person the whole time. But, when you do find someone and luck out, that’s a whole different ball game. When you […] More

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    These 23 Texts Show Why Marriage is A Never Ending Battle

    Marriage is the end all, be all of adult life, right? You get married, have kids, grow old together, and it’s happily every after. But has anyone ever given the behind the scenes of married life? Your partner can drive you up the f*cking wall and it’s hard to stay in the “honeymoon phase” past […] More

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    19 Cringe-worthy Bachelorette Party Texts

    Pack up your dildo necklaces, make sure the hubby’s fine for the weekend, double check that the stripper is booked, it’s Bachelorette Party time! This grand event usually comes after the classier bridal shower (read: completely boring, full of all the aunts and grandma falling asleep, while you eat cheese and drink white wine), so […] More

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    21 Texts That Prove All the Magic Happens in Parking Lots

                    Picture this: late nights, drinking, all your friends, in a parking lot. Usually, all the best stories come out of some sort of situation like this. Regardless of  your teenage days or currently, there’s always a story to recount (or barely recount) involving some ridiculous shenanigans in a […] More

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    These 33 People’s Private Parts Tasted Extra Flavorful

    Going down on a person is like flipping a coin. Head, it tastes delicious or at least bearable. Tails, that sh*t is NASTY AF. It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what kind of sploodge you’re gonna get. But when it comes to the good, the most you can usually hope for is […] More

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