Posted on: Nov 11 2016

15 Lines Girls NEVER Want to Hear at the Bar

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

People are weird. They don’t even need a reason to say weird shit to each other.

And when you add copious amounts of alcohol, loud music, and raging hormones to the mix? Then sh*t can get way, way out of hand.

You might think that people would have the decency to not make completely inane comments while chatting up the opposite sex… but, you’d be wrong. Oh, you, with your faith in humanity.

It’s a sad fact that whether someone is trying to take you home or just have a casual conversation, there are just some things you don’t ever want to hear.

Here are 15 horrible pickup lines that should be cut from the English language:

1. What’s your sign?


How about STOP?


2. Are you into one night stands?

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Unless you’re asking about my beside table preferences, the answer is nope nope nope!


3. My girlfriend is out of town, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

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Unfortunately for you, my sense of basic human decency is not.