12 People Who Got F**king Busted Taking Fake Sick Days

7. In 2008, a couple took 5 sick days each to go on their honeymoon in Aruba.

I’ll be honest, that’s kind of badass. It probably wasn’t worth it though, because upon their return they were fined $7,500. Nothing blesses a new marriage quite like sudden crippling debt!

6. This employee really pressed his luck by Googling pictures of swollen ankles and busted windshields.

As the employer posted on Reddit, “It’s a fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, go f**k yourself if you get caught kind of thing.” Well said.

5. This unfiltered boss caught his employee on Snapchat and then called him a “lying c**t.”

Savage. Also, as a bonus, the blonde woman in the picture is literally a friend of the guy’s boss. Good job, Danny! Airtight excuse.

4. This guy had to unexpectedly take the day off when “something came up.”

What came up, you might ask?

A Halloween party. This Halloween party:

Yup. And if you can believe it, the fairy dress isn’t even the best part of this story. Check out how his employer responded once they saw the picture on Facebook.

It is a cool wand.

3. I honestly feel bad for this guy. He’s stuck in traffic and totally forgot he’s an idiot.

It could happen to anyone. Also, don’t take selfies while you drive.